3 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts

  1. Why do people find it so hard to post their real pictures on dating sites? I mean sooner or later you will eventually meet that someone anyways. How do you help someone get over that fear?

    • Most personals are fake so most are a little gun-shy about posting a pic straight up. I think it’s more so once that person can feel they’re talking to a real person who’s sincere about their intentions, then usually the walls come down a little and that person will feel comfortable sending a pic. So be honest and real and encouraging.

      • Hm.. I’m not sure about most personals are fake. I am sure there are genuine people behind the profiles. I think it is about shy and fear of being seen by an acquaintance. Imagine your X stumbling across your profile! Good grief! One time I stumbled over my friend’s bridesmaid. I didn’t even bother telling my friend either! Not sure if she is public about being on a dating website and I wasn’t ready to let people know publicly I was looking either 🙂

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