Share Your Thoughts

You’ve been reading my thoughts on love and dating. Now I’d like to read yours. Please send your stories, questions you’d like me to answer, and ideas for future blog posts.


3 thoughts on “Share Your Thoughts

  1. Why do people find it so hard to post their real pictures on dating sites? I mean sooner or later you will eventually meet that someone anyways. How do you help someone get over that fear?

    • Most personals are fake so most are a little gun-shy about posting a pic straight up. I think it’s more so once that person can feel they’re talking to a real person who’s sincere about their intentions, then usually the walls come down a little and that person will feel comfortable sending a pic. So be honest and real and encouraging.

      • Hm.. I’m not sure about most personals are fake. I am sure there are genuine people behind the profiles. I think it is about shy and fear of being seen by an acquaintance. Imagine your X stumbling across your profile! Good grief! One time I stumbled over my friend’s bridesmaid. I didn’t even bother telling my friend either! Not sure if she is public about being on a dating website and I wasn’t ready to let people know publicly I was looking either 🙂

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