How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dating Experience

Dating isn’t always tons of fun.  It takes time, effort and the ability to keep on keeping on, through bad dates, awkward dates, and downright horrible dates. It’s easy to get stressed out about the whole dating game and get burned out quickly.  For the most part, dating should be fun and there are a two key things you can do to ensure it stays that way.

Take Dating Breaks.
Last year, I had the bright idea to go on a date every night of the week.  By date 6, I was exhausted and I declared a short break from dating.  You don’t need to be going on dates every night of the week like it’s your job (only crazy people would do that, ehem) to impose a short ban on dates.  Instead of going out with men I barely knew, I spent time with my family and friends.  I came home from work, changed into comfy clothes and vegged on the couch.  I went to sleep early, baked cookies at midnight and took time for myself.  Soon, I was ready to begin dating again, although this time I gave myself nights off. Initially I had been concerned I would be missing out on something, but I quickly realized that there would never be a shortage of available dates.  Take care of yourself first.

Don’t Date Just Anyone
It’s difficult, but not impossible, to strike a balance between being open minded and dating outside the box with not wasting your precious time. During the above dating spree, I said yes like it was my job. I dated men whom I knew were just not right for me. In my quest to think outside the box, I found myself nowhere near the box.  Now, I trust my instincts and say no if I really don’t think there is a chance for a romantic connection.  I mean, we are all looking for something and that’s ok…wasting my time won’t get me there any faster.  By saying no, it shows you are even more invested in the dates you say “yes” to.  It proves that you really want to be there, rather just wanting to be somewhere. 

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