The Date Is In The Details

Whatever happened to the days of flowers and candy on the first date? The days in which no pressure dates during which the most important thing that was happening was the thrill of discovery? The days in which the first kiss was something to aspire to and not just a small step on the way to getting the other person into bed? Sometimes, simplicity isn’t such a bad thing. We’re so caught up in the endgame that we forget the little details along the way. Transfer a few thoughts towards the little things, and you might realize that a little goes a long way.

9 thoughts on “The Date Is In The Details

  1. Sooooooo true nobody really go on dates and enjoy each others company anymore and get to know each other a little better

  2. Kelleye, you are so right that dating seems to have lost much of it’s charm and value. Maybe when folks talked about ‘free love’ in the 1960’s and ’70’s it was interpreted as ‘no value’. Why would people feel the need to ‘work’ (conversation, multiple dates, phone calls etc…) for something they expect for ‘free’?

  3. Unless your looking for just a bed buddy then dating is important standards mantality morality goals is the key to knowing weather it is going to work you should know after a couple dates any red flags run logic is also important I don’t know good point

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